Autoquip – American LiftsAutoquip logo, engineers in lift tables, vertical and dock lifts, and custom lifts.

Autoquip has a broad line of durable and reliable material handling equipment.

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Autoquip website, engineers in lift tables, vertical and dock lifts, and custom lifts.

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Autoquip designs and manufactures the following:

  • Scissor Lift Tables,
  • Vertical Freight Lifts (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors),
  • Dock Lifts, and
  • hydraulically, pneumatically, and mechanically actuated custom designed lifts
  • that meet specific customer requirements.

Autoquip custom material handling and lifting solutions are developed for – and currently employed in – a wide variety of very diverse industries.

Some of our most popular lifting solutions include:

  • ergonomic material handling and work positioning equipment for increased worker efficiency and maximum factory output
  • high-capacity in-plant material handling equipment for high-travel and high-capacity applications
  • dock lifts for faster loading, unloading, and pallet buildup and breakdown
  • mezzanine and multiple-level facility access

And because each custom lift begins with a standard lift selected from our vast catalog of standard lifting options, we are able to engineer highly specialized adaptations and provide custom lifting solutions at near standard prices.

Autoquip lifts have been designed and manufactured in America’s heartland since 1947. And as the industry leader in standard and custom material handling equipment, we’re proud to provide you with the industry’s most reliable lifting solutions at the industry’s lowest possible costs.